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Banner Advertising Information

The main reason people come to our site is because they are looking for local information on weddings and to find local suppliers. If you offer products or services that target our audience, we offer you a low-cost banner advertising campaign that targets your specific customer. If it works well for you, you paid a fair price. If it doesn't work for you, you have a minimal investment.

How It Works

You can supply us with a banner ad or we can design one. You then chouse the specific categories you would like your banner displayed on. Your banner will be displayed at the top of the category page in random order with one other banner. You may chouse to have an exclusive category, which means that your banner will be displayed each time the page is viewed. Our banner campaigns are for one year at a cost of $150.00. You will receive a link so that you can follow the click through rate from your banner to your site.

Program Details

This program is subject to several limitations. Please read carefully.

  The maximum number of . categories per campaign is three.
  GIF banner ads must be less than 15K.
  Flash banner ads must be less than 30K.
  Payment must be made at the time the contract is agreed on and before your ads are run.
  Banner ad size are 468 x 60 in Gif / Jpg or Flash formats.
  All links will open in new window.

We reserve the right to decline certain advertisers, including but not limited to, advertisements from our direct competitors. No adult content will be listed here. No links to adult content will be accepted.

For more information on this program, contact us.


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